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Re: The only unknown actor from TOS...

A reverse image search engine, such as, could be effective in solving a problem like this. However, such a tool is only as good as its algorithms, its server resources, how wide a net it casts with its crawls, and how frequently its database is updated.

For the image in the OP, TinEye gets zero hits, and it claims to have searched over 2.4709 billion images.

In contrast, for the image at the top of Memory Alpha's page of Wink of an Eye, TinEye gets 13 hits, including a hit on the Memory Alpha page.

From scrolling through those results, you can see that not all the images found are precisely identical. That's the usefulness of a reverse image search: it can locate similar images rather than only just identical images.

That indicates that further searches might be more successful, if the image of the Scalosian female is adjusted.

I'll try two more, using the images on

For the image, there are zero hits.

For the image, there are zero hits.

I started with the images actually on the pages, since they would be encountered first in a breadth-first crawl. I also tried the larger versions of the image you get by clicking on them, but still zero hits and zero hits.

Still, someone who's persistent could stumble across the right image in the right search engine and get lucky, and wind up on the sort of Facebook page that Greg Cox suggested.
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