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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Wait, so Rick doesn't shoot the governor in the face because he’s a thinking man and doesn't know how many people he may or may not have with him but last week he goes into a town that clearly says to stay out ALL OVER the place, sees booby traps ALL OVER the place, starts getting shot at by a sniper and has no idea how many people are in the town or where they might be but proceeds anyway?
The difference between situations is the Governor / Woodbury are known threats; Rick is aware of the potential for greater danger if he attacked or killed the governor. With Morgan's street, the traps and signs could have been the leftovers from a group who did not make it, but Rick was still cautious.

Just out of pure reaction to the threat of surrender I would have shot him in the face and effectively cut the head off the viper like Merle suggested many times.
Then Martinez shoots anyone in sight (Herschel and Daryl--possibly Andrea).
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