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Re: The original plan for Countdown

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Star Trek Online is easily the biggest new development in Trek apart from the Abrams movie. Criticizing it as doomed to fail (based on what evidence?)...
Pocket's novel line has endured since December 1979.
1. Didn't Simon & Schuster nearly encounter bankruptcy in 2008?

2. Even if the current novel line does remain with a Pocket that enjoys unbroken continuity, the current novel continuity doesn't have to endure. The Powers That Be may decide that a return to the Richard Arnold era would make more sense. Or, perhaps more plausibly, they might decide that continuing to produce material set in a timeline that Trek isn't going to explore again will just confuse new Trek fans.

The novels have a proven longevity. The games have seemingly not. Now, "ST Online" might emerge differently, but the gamers will certainly be ready to move on to something else one day, as they have with previous ST games.
Star Trek novels do have a long track record, yes, but the current continuity that people enjoy--a continuity that includes references from other novels, comics, RPGs, and computer games--has a shorter history. Counting on it to survive as an active form indefinitely isn't something I'm comfortable doing.

More to my original point, I was replying to someone who seemed to think that Star Trek Online wasn't especially worthy Trek, and that Denise Crosby's participation in the project was somehow ridiculous. I don't think it's fair to argue either thing: given lines of Star Trek media can be fragile and, frankly, criticizing a Trek actor for being active in Trek media two and a half decades after her original character died is a bit off considering that, well, we're here enthusiastically consuming derivative material from that series and older ones, too.

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