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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

There was a TNG episode where the Federation spent billions of credits (however money that doesn't exist works) and millions of man hours to invent a service droid (slave) called the exocomp. By the end of the episode Starfleet had to admit that exocomps were alive, and probably GIVE THEM SEVERAL PLANETS to thrive on and grow as a species. Ditto with when Welsey's high school science experiemnt with nanites got away from him. They had to give away a planet in that episode too. If Holograms decide they require equal rights to the fleshies and there might be more holograms than fleshies in the Federation, exactly how many planets do you think that they're going to incist of taking to build their own civilization upon? Half the Federation? 3/4's of the Federation? All of the Federation?

If the Federation could learn from history they never would have called this ship Voyager after the death toll a rambling living AI called Voyager racked up in the Motionless Picture.

Case in point. In America while they kept slaves. If a black person learnt how to read, that was clear grounds for execution. Slaves do what they're told and make the lives of their masters idyllic. Any example to the contrary is met with a whipping. Next thing you'll have me beleive is that Janeway is going to say "yeah, sure, fine" if the Doctor says he wants to go on tour as a pop star leaving Voyager stranded without a Doctor.
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