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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I doubt that Rick will be stupid enough to hand over Michonne. First of all, it's wrong. Second of all, he knows the Governor will still come after them. Third of all, Michonne is one of his best fighters. Most of all, she would not exactly go gently into that good night.
I expect a nasty deception--IOW, Rick plays on the Governor's expectations of handing Michonne over while setting himself up as target practice. But the tables turned in some way. It needs to be something that takes the audience by surprise with how ruthless that something is.

I've given up on Andrea. She's stupid beyond belief.
We can be settled in the feeling her extended vacation in Stupidville ends in the next episode.

The "Camp David" sequences were really good. A quiet battle of wills between Rick and the Governor inside, while their people bond outside. I wonder if Milton and Martinez will ultimately be instrumental in the Governor losing the war.
Milton still seems like a worm looking for Governor love.

Martinez lost his family, so he might have a morsel of humanity left to reach beyond Daryl's conversation.

I liked Glenn and Beth trying to keep a lid on Merle, but he's never going to be anything but trouble.

I want to see Beth rise to the occasion and not be another supporting character/victim (Patricia, Jimmy, Otis, et al). She's attempted suicide, moved beyond it, has a serious interent in Judith's welfare (surrogate mother role more than Carol or Maggie), and has arrived at a no nonsense place in her life.

After all of that, the next part of her growth will be in the soldier department--or I hope that is the next part.
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