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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

So I've been thinking about doing a movie era sim for a long time now and I've finally decided to start it up. I'm in the brainstorming stages right now. (Still working on my character) but I've decided to throw out a feeler to see if anyone else is interested in being a part of this thing. Basically I'm looking for anyone and everyone that loves the movie era and wants to write there. This whole thing right now is in the brainstorming stages. I've got a general premise for the setting, but that's it. So if you've got ideas, skills, time to burn, or anything else to contribute and want to be a part of it, my contact info is at the bottom.

Basically this will be (eventually) a forum based community set in the movie era. Here's the basic premise.


The Distant Shores Project....

The year is 2289. (100 years earlier than most of your sim fleets running the Post Nemesis timeline.) In 2189, the Starship Endeavor, NCC-06, found a stable spatial anomoly in the Beta Quadrant's unexplored frontier. After sending several probes through the anomoly, and recieving telemetry back, the Endeavor's crew learned that the Anomoly was a wormhole that led to an unexplored area of space. Before they were able to discover just where it lead, it closed. But contained in the probe's telemetry were visuals of other probes sent through, launched some fifty years earlier by Klingons. The Endeavor reported their findings to Starfleet Command and the matter was shoved to the back burner.

In 2239, the Anomoly opened again. This time there was a monitoring station nearby and a great deal more was learned about the Area of space on the other side of the anompoly, now called "The Rabbitt Hole" by the Starfleet Research teams assigned to study it. Probe Telemetry revealed a Star system near the far opening with an inhabitable planet. Without making it known throughout the Federation, Starfleet quickly sent three ships through the Anomoly and all arrived safely on the other side. Their mission was to set up a base of operations on the other side of the Anomoly and begin prepping for a colony expedition the next time the anomoly opened in 2289. Due to the unique nature of the mission, the crews of those three vessels were allowed to bring their immediate families with them. The Ptolemy Class supply ship was fitted with enough supplies and building materials to construct an outpost on the inhabitable planet. After the first three ships arrived, their findings and sensor telemetry revealed many discoveries, and several more questions about the area of space they'd come to inhabit. The biggest question was, Where are we? Navigational sensors revealed that the area of space on the other side of the Rabbit Hole was outside of the Milky Way Galaxy. When the Rabbitt Hole closed after being open for some 10 days, that mystery was still without an answer.

After the anomoly closed, Starfleet Command began putting together a colony expedition for 2289. It was named Distant Shores, and would be passed off to several different administrators before the Rabbit Hole opened again on 24 May 2289. There would be upwards of ten thousand colonists, Starfleet crews, and scientists going through when the anomoly opened again. And they had fifty years to prepare.


So we're going to start with the 2289 Fleet. I'd like to start with one sim, or two if there's enough interest, and build from there. If this interests you, contact me at any of the following...



AIM - swagger456

or reply to this thread.

I'm looking forward to writing with you!
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