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Re: old english accent was closer to American southern accent

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Yes, I know Classical Latin didn't sound Italian, but it sounded far more Italian than English.
For what I understand, Classical Latin should have sounded like a mix between Italian and German: lots of hard consonant, intermixed with long, open vowels.
I thought the voice actor for Augustus Caesar in Civilization 5 did a good job. Probably not a flawless one, but it still gives a good idea.
That's pretty cool. I'd say it's not bad, even if I hear a hint of Romanesco (the current dialect from the city of Rome, which is actually heavily influenced from Tuscan for modern historical reasons) instead of the speech of the Roman countryside, which is thought to be closer to the ancient pronunciation. Also, I think the use of just "non" as a negative reply is a modernism: Classical Latin should be "minime", "minime vero", or at least "ita non".
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