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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Actually, there isn't a noticable loss of audio quality when it is recorded over the phone. When Al Gore recorded his lines for Futurama, he did it over the phone, I believe.
As the story goes, that's how Temuera Morrison recorded replacement Boba Fett dialogue in The Empire Strikes Back for the DVD. Supposedly some sound guys at Lucasfilm called him up, and asked him to repeat the words without telling what it was for, which is why it came off so flat.
I'm not sure which Futurama episode you're referring to Tiberius (Al Gore appeared in five apparently)... unless you mean he recorded all of them over the phone. So at the moment I can't really judge whether there's a noticeable loss in quality. But I would expect there to be *some* loss, compared to him performing on a recording stage or in a booth with high-end equipment. Also, they could have sweetened it to some extent... and you're talking about a few brief lines, not a 45 minute long recording which is more difficult and time consuming to fix if need be.

As for Temuera Morrison, his voice was filtered to sound like it was coming through Boba Fett's helmet, so I imagine very high quality audio wasn't necessary.
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