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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III - free admission
Safe - DVD
The Mechanic - DVD
Jack the Giand Slayer 3D - free admission
Happy People: A Year in the Taiga - free admission
The Wiz - free admission
Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome - Unrated Exteded Edition - DVD
Jay and Silent Bob Go Down Under - Netflix Instant
Lewis Black: In God We Rust - Netflix Instant
Jackass: The Movie - Unrated - Netflix Instant
Mardi Gras Massacre - free admission

Had some friends over last week to watch BSG: Blood & Chrome on DVD.

I thought it was alright, not great. My buddy Jeff commented that he would have liked to have seen it go to series more than Caprica.

After they left, I watched the Jay & Silent Bob performance. I rather like the Kevin Smith solo monologues, but in this one, Jason Mewes is in the spotlight as part of his drug rehab. And he doesn't make for an interestin' public speaker at all, since all he does is talk about awkward sex he's had.

Watched a Lewis Black standup special the other day. I've actually heard most of it, thanks to the comedy radio station, 102.7, here in Austin.

And then I watched the unrated version of Jackass. Part of the preshow for The Last Stand included clips from the movies/tv series, and it made me curious enough to watch. It was crude, vulgar, juvenile, and just a bit brilliant, especially the bits of them as old farts on scooters.

I was goin' to a movie screenin' tonight, but opted not to...but I may go out for Terror Tuesday.

- edit, to add -

Went over to the Alamo Drafthouse Village for Terror Tuesday last night. Its been moved from the Ritz because of SxSW.

This week's movie was Mardi Gras Massacre, which was about a creepy guy who worshipped an Aztec goddess and picked up hookers & strippers in New Orleans to sacrifice to goddess. Bad actin', bad dialogue, odd pauses & over the top stupidity, plus the side plot of a former vice cop havin' a brief relationship with a hooker durin' the homicide investigation.

At least it was free! Even if I did have to put up with a guy in the lobby insistin' that he knew me, and wanted me to tell him where from...

May go back out to the Village tonight for Weird Wednesday, don't know for sure yet.
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