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Re: Highlander Franchise

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I read somewhere that they were originally going to cast Adrian Paul as Connor MacLeod, but Paul wanted his own character or something and thats how they came up with Duncan
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I wish they'd had Connor show up for more than just the pilot, but that one episode might have been all that Lambert wanted to do (or their schedules just might never have lined up).
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All the publicity I read when the show was on the air told the opposite story. Lambert wanted to do it, and the people putting the show together wanted "a different direction."
I found the following on Wikipedia...

Christopher Lambert did not wish to do television, though he agreed that there should be a series, and originally Connor MacLeod was to be the protagonist. After Lambert declined, and because there were still films being made with the Connor character, it was decided at Adrian Paul's request to have the series focus on another MacLeod. Lambert agreed to appear in the pilot and pass the torch. They were only able to afford him for three days of filming. Lambert declined to do any future episodes.
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