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Re: Ghost Light - What the hell is going on?

Dicks's work falls into two periods. His earlier novelizations are pretty decent - DIoE memorably has the opening line "Through the ruin of a city stalked the ruin of a man" - but latterly he was effectively chained to a desk by Target and had to pump out volume after volume to fill the gaps of stories not yet covered. These books, the like of Planet of Giants and The Space Pirates, are very bare bones, mechanistic efforts. Nothing he wrote came close to having the literate qualities of a Hulke or an Aaronovitch, but there is a very tangible difference between his early and later work.

I agree with DalekJim about Ghost Light incidentally. If it wasn't for The Curse of Fenric it would be the greatest McCoy story, and is a very, very close second.
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