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Re: What if a new sci-fi series went to Netflix that wasAkickstarter p

Vimeo launches on-demand service.

Vimeo has launched an on-demand service that allows creators to sell their own works -- and keep 90% of the revenue after transaction costs.
So anyone who has a kickass idea and the ability to get it made has no shortage of venues by which to sell it.

The biggest issue besides funding is marketing. Lots and lots of stuff kicking around out there, how do you rise above the noise? And selling something on the internet is always a challenge, because everyone has become accustomed to getting stuff for free.

Still, if someone did a 5-minute trailer for something that looked frakkin' a-MA-zing, I'd probably shell out maybe $6 to $8 for a full season of 13 episodes. I'd say that's my price point. Keep in mind, I'm a cheapskate but isn't everyone?
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