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Re: First time watching Enterprise!


Enterprise encounters some Vulcans who have embraced emotion rather than rejected it. There is an entire ship of these Vulcans but the only ones we get to meet are Captain Tavin who likes food, Kov who is friendly and naÔve and surprised to learn that the Enteprise has so many female crewmembers, and Tolaris who is creepy and has anger management issues.

At first it seemed Tolaris was only trying to befriend TíPol who was acting quite cold and distant towards these emotion embracing Vulcans. But he was also being clingy and kinda manipulative and quite frankly Kovís surprise and wonderment at so many females on the ship makes me wonder just how many do the emotion embracing Vulcans have on theirs and is that why Tolaris is so eager to befriend TíPol and try to tempt her to their way of thinking.

Of course it wasnít til the scene aboard the emotion embracing Vulcans ship after TíPol had attempted dreaming and been very disturbed by it and didnít want to speak about it that Tolaris really tripped alarms. The way he follows her about when she is obviously trying to put distance between them, badgers her to tell him about her dream and gets angry when she is reluctant. Then she agrees to a mind meld with him, finds it a horrible experience only he wont stop when she tells him to.

Itís a good job we had Kov with his innocence and friendliness to offset Tolaris otherwise I would have been shouting for Enterprise to blast the emotion embracing Vulcans ship into oblivion. I really like Kov and his friendship with Trip and how his relationship with his father played out. Its good that he took Tripís advice and avoided the emotion of regret. I also liked Archer who showed himself capable of being friendly and diplomatic and also protective of his crew and I was cheering when he told Tolaris where to go even though he did get thrown across a room, his own room at that. Its unfortunate that Archer tends to get beaten up easy as I would have liked to see Tolaris get thrown into a wall. Repeatedly. Til blood gushed forth form his head.

I may have overused the phrase emotion embracing Vulcans but its not a phrase that gets used very much in Trek so I might as well make the most of it. I hereby award this episode five stars despite the creepiness.
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