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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

I liked the friendship and camaraderie that seemed to develop between Trip and Reed in the earlier episode Silent Enemy so its great to see another episode that seems to explore that in more detail. In Shuttlepod One they are stuck in a little tin can with limited oxygen, barely any propulsion, the belief that Enterprise has been destroyed and the likely prospect of dying. Its interesting to see the conflicts that arise from their very different personalities and outlooks on the situation that they find themselves trapped in. Trip refuses to consider defeat and does everything possible to figure a way out of the situation whilst Reed prepares himself for the worst and begins recording goodbye messages for all his relatives and all his failed romantic prospects. Its not long before their getting on one anothers nerves and using up their precious oxygen supply shouting at each other over what should be trivial matters.

I really like how their not quite friends yet. Trip and Reed are co-workers who are friendly and get on well together but donít really know each other that well and probably spend little time together outside of work or the mess hall. With the shared prospect of dying together we get to see their fledgling friendship tested and come out stronger for it. By the end of the episode they have learnt that Enterpise is alive and well but is unlikely to reach them in time, have drunkenly discussed Típolís bottom and had a heart to heart in which Reed confessed that contrary to what Trip may think he really doesnít want to die. Now Trip is drunkenly attempting to climb into the airlock and sacrifice himself so that Reed might have a better chance of surviving until Enterprise finds them whilst Reed rather angrily rejects this latest turn of events even going so far as to point a phase pistol at Trip and threaten to shoot him.

I can easily sympathise with Reed and how aboard Enterprise he was finally feeling like he was starting to fit in and maybe form some friendships with the other crewmembers. I had that problem for a long time of having no friends only acquaintances or co-workers. Luckily for Reed they both survive and at the end he is allowed to call Tucker by his nickname Trip showing that their fledgling friendship has survived their ordeal yaay! My only dislike here is how early it was revealed that Enterprise was perfectly okay. Its already taken for granted that there must have been some misunderstanding and Enterprise will turn up okay just in time to save Trip and Reed so we donít need a scene to confirm this though I suppose the couple scenes aboard Enterprise do serve to explain what crippled the shuttlepod that Trip and Reed are trapped in.

I award this episode four and a half stars.
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