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Lauren needs to bond with someone who appreciates her for her mind. I don't see him as a competition for Bo in the romantic arena... but worse he's competition for Bo in the professional arena.
Sure, I hope that's all it is, but the way the scene was played made it feel like they introduced this character in order to be a romantic rival for Bo. I mean, this is a series where sexuality is always pretty much at the forefront, so it's hard to read something like this as strictly platonic.

And just as a matter of credibility, I'd think that if a man showed interest in her and asked her out to dinner, Lauren would want to make it clear up front that a) she's seeing someone and b) it's a woman, just so he wouldn't get the wrong idea about what to expect. The fact that she didn't make that clear up front could be read as implying that she was receptive to being hit on by a man. I hope that wasn't the intention, but it could be read that way.
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