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Re: What if a new sci-fi series went to Netflix that wasAkickstarter p

YouTube would be the way to go. They're not trying for any kind of premium brand image that I've ever noticed.

Or Machinima. That Ridley Scott story is the right idea - uncover new talent - but it's focused on movies. I'd like to see something similar but focused on serialized storytelling. Why couldn't some kickstarter person just tap into that? They're willing to be "surprised" by new talent, well - surprise them!

RSA has a stable of over 80 filmmakers including Kathryn Bigelow, Martin Scorsese, Sam Mendes, Neill Blomkamp, Joe Carnahan and Andrew Dominik. Daly told me she will canvas its roster to see if any of the filmmakers have sci-fi concepts they’ve wanted to explore but never had an outlet. “There is a plethora of great talent here and sometimes they don’t have a platform for great ideas that would work well in shorts. It could be an established director wanting to try something new, or a brilliant young director from Sweden who surprises us.” As an example of the format’s potential, Daly cited Loom, a Luke Scott-directed short that RSA produced with RED Camera. “This is the future, it’s new territory we believe we must investigate,” Daly said. She expects to have no trouble filling the dozen slots for the first round of sci-fi shorts for the Machinima deal.
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