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If you're playing as a Lv60 character by that point (which you should if you have imported from ME2 & done most of the DLCs) then everything goes down easy. At that point, even on "insanity" difficultly there isn't that much of a challenge.

But yeah, the Lancer still packs a wallop.
Presuming I'm actually any good at the game.

I'm not sure what level my Shep is at off hand but for the one who has gone through the citadel, I guess she'd be around that mark
ME1 + bring down the Sky main missions completed
ME2 (all dlc and except for Firewalker all missions complete)
ME3 (completed - then New Game+ with all the DLC in).

For the party, I started off loud and just got louder so I missed the Shep/Grunt/Wrex conversation

@Angel4576 - Just got the soundtrack too. Thanks for the info
Yeah, you should have hit the level cap ages ago with that character. If you did all the ME2 missions & DLC your character should have easily been Lv30 when you imported it to ME3. The XP gap between 50 & 60 isn't anywhere near as huge as it was in ME1 (which required at least 3 playthroughs without the unlocked bonuses) and you should have gotten to 50 in your first playthough. With the new game +, I'd be very surprised if you didn't hit the cap before the coup attempt. Rannoch at the latest.

Of course the difficulty varies depending on your class too (depending on playstyle) but to be honest, any Lv60 should be *very* powerful.

Anyway, loving the soundtrack. It's nice to get that piano rendition of Vigil's theme from ME1. Speaking of which; I couldn't help but wonder if Liara's story about how she learnt it was a TNG reference, or if it was just a coincidence. Given the number of in-jokes, pop culture/sci-fi references and general silliness elsewhere in the DLC, I'd say it's most likely the former.

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