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Re: Star Ship AJAX Production

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I stand corrected then on the other sets, for sure.
Ours are 'wild' to a point, but pretty much fixed in place.
(we can move them if we need, but prefer not to, lol)

Thanks for the input, guys.
Actually, when we made the move, I rebuilt the set in such a way that it can come completely apart and be moved again easier than it was the first time.

Each station separates, the roof come off and lays in the floor, the x-brace feet come out so the station can be dropped on wheel boards and rolled into the back of a semi truck.

Even though it's easier it would still be a chore to move it, so Charley is correct in that we prefer not to. However if someone wants a bridge for their event and has the money we can bring it.

Many people have pointed out the cracks and offered to fill them in and I stopped them. The original goal John put to me when I first joined the project was to make it as close to possible to the original bridge. Then if someone wants to make another show on the Enterprise they won't have to change anything. Everyone else, including John has abandoned that goal but it's still what I shoot for. If it was on the original bridge I want it to be on our bridge, cracks and everything.
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