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Re: The only unknown actor from TOS...

When an extra has specific movements--but no lines--they are known as "special business extras" and get paid a little more.

They are TWO actors in TOS who had speaking lines that are TRULY unknown..................

The guard at the gangsters door in "Piece of.." who replies to the the other guard's remark, "Cute kid."

He replies,--"Sure is."

The other is the morg guard in "Spock's brain", who says,--"Yes mistress." in reply to Kara(?) telling him to watch Kirk and co.

If you guys know who these two might be--I'll really appreciate the help!

They are the last 2 of the 'onscreen speaking parts' (out of exactly 400) that I have charted.

I obviously count 'Gem' as an actor and not an extra because she is clearly the focal point of the story and could never be seen as an extra.
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