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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

It was rather weird toward the end when they had that other scientist guy show up and take Lauren out.
Lauren needs to bond with someone who appreciates her for her mind. I don't see him as a competition for Bo in the romantic arena... but worse he's competition for Bo in the professional arena. He GETS the joke about why chemists like nitrates... and laughs. I think Lauren needs a little TLC the way Kenzi dotes/smacks Bo around and she's probably too clueless to see him as someone who could help her screw up her romance with Bo.

Now as for Tamsin... don't know enough about the chick to comment since I've only seen the last three season 3 eps... but it did seem she was looking for something more from Bo than just to help her "recharge" the girl's batteries.

Although I liked the steampunk look of the contraption in the Bar... it seemed too weird/nonsensical even for this show.
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