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Re: NCC-1701 Shipyard Back Online

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Correction: it's the crashing waaayyy oversized saucer. Looks more like the ships from Independence Day than a Constitution-class saucer. Once again, the fx department weren't that careful in setting the scale.
A) What would you say is the diameter of the saucer visible in the picture in question?

B) What would you say is the diameter of a "Constitution-class" saucer?

C) What does "Constitution-class" mean in the context of your statement above?
Approximately 417 feet I believe.
Hence question C.

If WarpFactorZ is calling the saucer in the picture "waaayyy oversized" because it's larger than the 417-foot/127-meter saucer on the TOS Enterprise, then we're looking at another "I won't accept that starships are that big" argument, and I'm just not very interested in flogging that one around the (oversized) block again. If he instead wishes to argue that the pictured saucer is too large when compared to a 300-meter saucer, then we might have a topic for discussion (but it would probably want a thread of its own, and might be better-suited to the Trek Tech forum.)
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