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Re: NCC-1701 Shipyard Back Online

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Correction: it's the crashing waaayyy oversized saucer. Looks more like the ships from Independence Day than a Constitution-class saucer. Once again, the fx department weren't that careful in setting the scale.
I seriously doubt the FX department would make a mistake like that. If anything, Abrams (a big fan of camera trickery) would have instructed them to oversize it to make the scene look better.
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A) What would you say is the diameter of the saucer visible in the picture in question?

B) What would you say is the diameter of a "Constitution-class" saucer?

C) What does "Constitution-class" mean in the context of your statement above?
Approximately 417 feet I believe.
Not in this timeline. The TOS Enterprise is 947 feet long, this new version is at least 2380 feet, maybe bigger.
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