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Re: Questions on Insurrection, on the Baku

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Yup. The original plan was to move the Ba'ku without their knowledge. Their home would be stolen from them and they would ideally never even know it had happened.

Not exactly the actions of a "benevolent" galactic power.

I agree that the holoship deception plan was a lousy one. I should have clarified that I meant that the Baku could have had access to the particles under the scenario of a negotiation AFTER Picard discovered the true nature of the Baku. At that point deception was no longer necessary, they could have just laid out the situation and offered to share the resources with the Baku.
How is that at all fair compensation to the Ba'ku having to give up their immortality?

With eminent domain, you actually compensate people for what you take from them. In this case, there is no way to compensate them, because what you are taking away cannot possibly be replaced. It is a galactic power using their size and influence to bully a handful of people. It's wrong.
Besides I still don't know why the federation couldn't just set up a science station in orbit and study the rings radiation to figure out how to duplicate it.

I mean we're talking about the people who came up with Genesis, how hard is magic youth radiation compared to making freaking planets.
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