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Re: Ghost Light - What the hell is going on?

On the subject of terrible novelizations, I rank "The Twin Dilemma" as atrocious. Granted it seemed like the author was REALLY hard tasked to pad out the insanely thin plot, but he was adding in long and irrelevant sidebars about alcohol, teleportation, and regeneration (the only neat one in retrospect, about a time lord who forced himself to regenerate after passing on from a VERY good-looking body that had been getting him praise and power).

I really did try to like "Ghost Light", or at least to understand it (and the previous summation did help a bit). I can get how some people can like it's extreme abstractness, but I think it's a little TOO far out, or experimental for my taste. I just have a hard time relating to it.

Moving to an examination of McCoy's tenure in general, his three years show three pretty distinct portrayals of the character. The first was a (BBC-dictated, I believe), clownish impression of Patrick Troughton's incarnation. The second (and my favorite of the three) saw the Doctor as a more efficient and less goofy traveler, cleaning up a loose ends from his past (Renaissance, Nemesis) and more importantly laying the groundwork for his darker, manipulative side that we see in S26. Compared to most other Doctors, this one had a heck of a character development arc, and it was a pleasure to watch.

Just have to get through "Survival" now and I'll have finished my tour of the Seventh Doctor's stories, 1996 movie nonwithstanding. I also noticed how this final season not only has little dependence on the TARDIS (one short scene in a hastily-cobbled together set is all we get), but it's completely bound to Earth. Probably the first year since Pertwee to have adventures as such, which was oddly carried forward into the first season of the new series...

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