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Re: Am I part Irish or not?

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I'm from the first generation in our family to be born in the US, and my parents are Indian. But I still consider myself American.
Since you're born here, you're a native American!

And an Indian.

And this is doing absolutely nothing to reduce the confusion between Indians and Indians and native Americans and native American Indians or native Americans with Indian ancestry... We all blame Columbus, who was lost as f***.
That's why I like Indian American and American Indian -- I know it's arbitrary and rather stupid, but it's the easiest way to distinguish. Or, one could do as one of my best friends, Sonia does. With her being Indian American and me being American Indian she's just come into the habit of qualifying Indian with "dots, not feathers" and vice versa.
Well, a brave's feather kind of slants, so we'd have
.Indian and /Indian

For Sikhs we could use a magnifying glass to represent a search bar (seek Indian).

The Internet will define us all.
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