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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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^Interesting stuff about Kosh, Reverend!

This is my favorite stretch of episodes (end of Season 3 - start of Season 4). They're so intense.

Kirk, what did you think of the Shadow's ideology as explained in Za'ha'Dum? That was the first episode of B5 I saw, and what attracted me to the show, in addition to that awesome cliffhanger, was that the central conflict seemed to be about something more than just conquest.
I liked that the Shadows got a motivation besides just destroying everything. Its a motivation that can atleast be understood, even if you don't agree with it. Survival of the fittest, growing through conflict, you can see why someone might come to the conclusion that its a good idea (although personally I don't think it is). Its a philosophy I've seen/read a lot of bad guys have, but its still interesting in b5. The vorlon's side of it is also interesting, although the fact that they are causing more destruction than the shadows doesn't give them any moral high ground anymore.

Now, for the episode I just watched.

Falling Toward Apotheosis - Londo's reaction to the emperor's head collection was great. I still enjoy the emperor being completely insane, his insanity is very entertaining, and seeing Londo interact with him is awesome. Londo is good at manipulating maniacs. I'm glad the b5 staff decided to get rid of vorlon Darth Vader. Garibaldi's fight went about as well as I expected, but I'm pretty sure it did what it was supposed to. Sheridan's plan was better, and seeing the vorlon fight the part of Kosh was cool. Delenn/Sheridan getting engaged wasn't surprising, although giving him only 20 years left to live was. Its interesting to learn how G'kar loses an eye. G'Kar is lucky the emperor didn't have both his eyes removed. This was a very good episode.
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