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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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In fact, I suspect that lots of Trekkies have read and enjoyed the book without being aware of the "Here Comes the Brides" connection.
Quite true. I don't think it was until I read Bjo Trimble's book On the Good Ship Enterprise, with a chapter where she talks about Here Come the Brides, that I realized Ishmael was an unauthorized crossover between the shows.

The reason HCtB was of interest to Trek fans, and no doubt the reason why Ishmael crossed them over, was because its regular cast included several Trek guest stars, including Robert Brown, David Soul, and most notably Mark Lenard as the series' main antagonist. Ishmael portrayed Lenard's character in a more sympathetic light and, as an in-joke, made him a surrogate father figure for the amnesiac, time-displaced Spock.
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