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Re: old english accent was closer to American southern accent

You guys should hear the thick, syrupy and twangy accent that comes out of Southside Virginia in the general Martinsville-Danville area. It's often worlds apart from the common accents you hear emanating from just 40 or 50 miles away and there've been more than a few times I thought I'd need a translator just to understand what some diner or gas station owner in Franklin, Pittsylvania or Henry County was saying.

You ask where the closest restaurant or landmark is and there are times when it sounds like they're speaking Pig Latin with a drawl. It gets worse with some of the more elderly folks from that part of the keep half-expecting language subtitles to appear right below their heads. There've been a few very funny moments over the years when local news broadcasts have actually had to insert subtitles when covering stories and people from that part of the state.
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