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Re: Dallas - Season 2

My two favorite things about the episode:

-It implies that at some point J.R. sat and down and said to himself "Before I die I'm settling everybody's hash once and for all. Every single person that ever messed with a Ewing or a friend of a Ewing is going DOWN." That will be a masterpiece.

-Best performance contest goes to Patrick Duffy, hands down, who spent most of the episode just PISSED and let Anne know why, at least part of it. I think the rest was summed up in his final words: How can Bobby be "the good son" if the bad son is gone? Fantastic!

Low points, as usual, involve the children. John Ross is still a whiny pissant. Anne's daughter hasn't been on the ranch ten minutes and already she's boinking Ewing men. Jordana Brewster was wasted this episode.

And an aside: Both Jerry Jones and Marc Cuban attended J.R.'s funeral??? Was the owner of the Dallas Stars not available?

Phenomenal episode all around!
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