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Re: Are the Borg the perfect enemy?

I had some free time, so I did the research. We've already quoted Screed, and here's what Newtype_Alpha has to say on the subject (again, in a thread with you):
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The VOY staff did that with the 8472 storyline. Response being "They invented a species that can defeat the Borg in straight up combat, without the use of a plot contrivance! They've RUINED the Borg by showing they aren't invincible!"
AFAIK, the response was that the Borg THEMSELVES were enough of a threat that having to deal with them as an opponent had possibilities in itself. Introducing Species 8472 cheated the viewers out of the long-anticipated Borg confrontation, then conveniently resolved it by the liberal application of [tech], then bypassed it altogether the following episode by having Kes fling them safely out of Borg space.

It's not just "They made the Borg not-invincible!" It's more "They [the writers] created a race more powerful than the Borg just to create danger, then eliminated the other race, then eliminated the Borg, then went on their merry way."

That's like checking into the Bates motel, watching Norman Bates getting murdered by Jason, then watching Jason getting killed by Peter Pan, and then it's over. It's more than a letdown, you come away feeling like your eyeballs have been raped.
I only found a handful of posts by Temis that reference 8472, but none of them talk about whether or not she hates 8472 because they could defeat the Borg. We'd have to PM her and ask her (or hope she shows up here) to get her honest opinion, but based on what I've seen it seems more like she's critical of Voyager's writers for missuing the characters. The closest I could find was this one:
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My quatloos are on the Vorlons. No specific reason other than that I could take them seriously, something the stick-monsters of VOY never achieved.
Species 8472 were certainly capable of much more than they achieved, but Voyager's writers punted on the whole topic because they were too scared or too lazy to write good stories with the two species that they had just introduced. The idea to introduce them itself isn't a bad one, and a master race from another dimension would have been an interesting concept for a movie or even an arc on the TV show. Instead, what did we get? Two appearances on Voyager only to never be referenced again. I don't think viewers hated the Borg or 8472, I think they hated the writers for wasting great opportunities for compelling television.

What else ya got?
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