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Vikings--history channel series (spoilers)

So, I didn't see a thread for this series so I thought I'd start one. You can actually watch the new episode ahead of time on certain "alternative viewing" sites.

It's piqued my interest. The cinematography is lush and breathtaking. The actors seem to know what they're doing and the scripts aren't shying away from the fact that these protagonists were raiders. Ragnar isn't cuddly. Travis Fimmell has really captured Ragnar as a lead character and this relationship with his slave/monk Athelstan captured at Lindisfairne (which apparently was historically correct as being the first site raided by the Vikings in Northumbria) is challenging to say the least, but intriguing nonetheless. I can understand why Adelstan didn't run away.....where's he going to go in a strange land of violent people with no money to bribe anyone? Would a sheltered monk even know how to hunt or survive in the woods? Winter would be a bitch. It's not like he could catch a luxury liner home.

Rollo harrassing his brother's wife won't end well, and apparently shield maidens aren't a construct of the shows writers. They weren't common, but they did exist. I'm hooked. Can't wait for next week.

EDIT--Okay, apparently I'm blind and there is a thread concerning the pilot on the bottom of page two. My bad. Can the mods delete this or somehow merge the threads?

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