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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Did no one find it odd that Herschel was driving the car with part of his RIGHT leg missing?
Was the car a stick shift?

If not, why the question?

An automatic is supposed to be driven with only 1 foot, using one foot on the brake and the other foot on the gas is wrong because your reacton time is slower
Can you push the gas peddle with your left foot?
If so I'll bet it's not very easy to drive that way.
I would imagine it's much easier when your right foot isn't in the way. As long as you don't have a console in the middle of the seat preventing it, you can merely scoot over to the right a bit, so, your left foot is more aligned. But, yea, I can push the gas peddle with my left can't? Yea, it's not easy diving like that, but, I have both legs, so, my body hasn't adapted to it, and the right foot would be a burden. Also, someone coulda rigged up a hand level for the gas for him

People with missing limbs adapt
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