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Re: What if a new sci-fi series went to Netflix that wasAkickstarter p

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Do you have something in mind and are kicking around looking for some name people to get involved?
No not at all. I'm a Trek fan who works in the TV business below the line.

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Netflix is trying to establish itself as a competitor to HBO, so they're going to do deals with the same folks who might be able to get a show on HBO - Fincher, Eli Roth, etc. Netflix can't afford to do anything that looks chintzy or kickstarter-y at this point in their development. YouTube would be a better bet.
Yes I can understand this. At this point Netflix is a large brand name and on the level as premium cable channels.

There has to be room for low (not ultra low) budget and middle budget (under $800k episode) scifi serialized series like a TV series that is not SyFy schlocky. What streaming video service can be the place for that.
Hulu Plus seems like it is in the Netflix route but they do have original series but not sci-fi. mostly low budget docu. style like "30 Days".

The point of this thread is to discuss the business apect of Kickstarter projects getting distribution for scifi fans to see episodic stories that do not do well with advertising commercial TV.
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