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Re: Breaking News: THE CLONE WARS Has Been Cancelled

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Wasn't the idea of this happening tossed around in the wake of the Disney buyout?
I thought I recalled someone floating the idea based on the fact that when Disney bought Marvel that Spectacular Spiderman along with Wolverine&The X-Men were both cancelled.
Something about Disney wanting to take inventory and get things under a general quality control or at least approval process?
While I don't know about Wolverine&The X-Men, but with Spectacular Spiderman according to Greg Weisman Disney and Marvel by extension only own the animation rights to Spider-Man, everything else you need to make more episodes still belong to Sony so unless Sony gets paid to do it they can't do any more episodes of Spectacular Spiderman

Which is different from Clone Wars as Disney bought the studio that makes it not just the rights to Star Wars.
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