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Re: Are the Borg the perfect enemy?

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I seem to recall having this exact same discussion with you about a year ago, where you claimed that people hated 8472 because they could defeat the Borg.

I don't think people hated 8472.
Tell that to guys like newtype_alpha, Temis the Vorta, Admiral Screed, etc. I've seen enough here to get the jist.
Yes that's right, it's Admiral Screed's thread I had that discussion with you.

Here's what Screed wrote from his own thread, quoting you:

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Of course, all of VOY's creations are considered worthless but the 8472 take the cake because they destroyed the fandom/hatedom's precious illusions about the Borg.
What illusions? That the Borg were the most powerful race in the galaxy? I never said that, and you know it.

This discussion would run much more smoothly if you would actually respond to my posts, rather than ranting and spewing your nonsense about fans that dislike the Borg in Voyager.
People didn't hate 8472 for having the ability to beat the Borg; they hated how the writer's at Voyager made it possible for little ol' Voyager to consistently beat the Borg all by themselves, when it was previously depicted that a single Borg cube had the ability to lay waste to 40+ Federation starships. I don't get why you have anything against 8472.

Frankly, if I can prove you wrong on what Screed said, I'd like to hear what Newtype and Temis' opinions are on the subject.
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