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Re: Lost Girl Season 3

This was a weird one. It felt kind of contrived and artificial, and that's because it was a contrived and artificial situation in-story. It had its moments, but I am starting to see why some are saying the season feels unfocused.

I'm conflicted. On the one hand, I like Bo/Lauren (and no, "BoLo" is a terrible name for them -- I prefer "Doccubus"), and I didn't care for their contrived fight here. On the other hand, I'm really liking the Bo/Tamsin chemistry, I like it when they kiss, and I would really like to see them take it a lot further. Of course, given Bo's succubus nature, and her agreement with Lauren that monogamy isn't an option for her, maybe I can get the best of both worlds. But that didn't seem to be how they were playing it. It was rather weird toward the end when they had that other scientist guy show up and take Lauren out. It's never before been hinted that Lauren is the least bit interested in men, and it would feel a bit contrived and Torchwoody if she just suddenly turned out to be bisexual.
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