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Re: 20 YEARS AGO TODAY: "But I'm Not Even Supposed to BE Here Today!"

I've gotten some flak for saying this, but Mallrats isn't the abhorrent mess that so many critics and audience members thought it was. It's a good movie.

It's not his strongest film by any measure but it does what any good Askewniverse movie should do: thoroughly entertain. Kevin's witty and literate wordplay is in full force in the film and Lee's Brodie is a strong and effective lead character because of the actor's good comic timing, body language and believable frustration and befuddlement at the people who surround him in his life. Ethan Suplee's take on the Willam Black character is just little more than a one-note joke during the film (spending the entire movie trying to see the 3-D sailboat in the picture) but hey, Willam was just a one-note joke in Clerks considering he just bumbled and stumbled inside and around the Quick Stop for the entirety of that story.

I like both edits and versions of Mallrats but the extended cut (30 or so minutes longer) containing all the scenes that Kevin originally intended to be in the film and in most instances better explaining the events of the storyline is my favorite. It might take Brodie and T.S. almost half an hour to even get to the mall in the longer edit but that first 30 minutes of the extended version does a better job fleshing out the characters and provides the explanation as to why Jared Svenning (Michael Rooker) detests T.S. so much during the course of the film.
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