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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Alpha Centauri, one of the very first interstellar colonization destinations for humans from Earth.
B is for Bajor. Somehow a strategically important planet populated with a bunch of annoying people.
C is for Cryogenically frozen supermen.
D is for Delta Vega. That planet really gets around.
E is for Elim Garak. A tailor, spy, and all around pretty cool guy.
F is for Flag of the Federation.
G is for Gorlan Uprising, ruthlessly crushed by Mirror James T. Kirk.
H is for Hydrogen collection knobs.
I is for Invasion. The Klingons did it to Cardassia and the Dominion did it to Betazed.
J is for Janice Lester. The definition of "batshit crazy bitch".
K is for Kor, Military Governor of Organia.
L is for Lenticular spectrometer.
M is for Men in Space. It could easily be an alternate title for Star Trek.
N is for Nexus, the space ribbon time has no meaning thing.
O is for Oxygen-Nitrogen Atmosphere, a critical component of an M-class planet.
P is for Phase discriminator. A component of Data's Positronic brain.
Q is for Quantum Discriminator.
R is for Rematerialization subroutine.
S is for Subspace radio.
T is for T'Pol's bum. Always a worthwhile entry. (Oh, bad pun)
U is for Uhura's bum. Also quite lovely.
V is for Vulcan. It got blowed up.
W is for Womulus. Also destwoyed.
X is for Xenophobe. There seems to be a lot of them.
Y is for Yar. Tasha and her younger sister were all that were left of their family.
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