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Re: 38 minutes of the film in Brasil - SPOILERS!

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Killing Pike won't enhance the plot one bit.

It would be a pointless death just because the writers want some...thing dramatic and sad and to push the hero into action.
If it's something dramatic and sad that pushed the hero into action, then it wouldn't be pointless.
It shouldn't have to take the death of any character to motivate Kirk just because he gets one knock-down/demotion, we see him sitting in a bar drunk needing another pep talk at least that is the image shown in the newest trailer. He's not a teenager anymore.

The character Pike is one of my favourites so understandably I don't want him killed.

It's like the writers saying let's just kill off a secondary character..why? It's more of a bold move to kill one of the main ones but that won't happen.
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