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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I envy anybody watching B5 for the first time. The greatest live-action sci-fi show ever made (Although Doctor Who is my favourite!).

I decided to marathon the movies and Crusade recently. The Gathering is good but flawed, The Beginning is great, Thirdspace is hugely underrated by the fandom, River of Souls is meh and Call to Arms is fucking terrible.

It put me off watching Crusade for ages which is a shame as watching it now, it is a pretty damn good show. Gonna review it for the blog.

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Yeah, I know I've said it elsewhere, but you can really see how much Kosh changed over the years by listening to what he says to G'Kar in 'Dust to Dust': -
Kosh's characterisation is beautifully subtle in the show. Such few shows take risks like that.
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