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Re: TNG "The Defector" plot thread continued in DS9 "The Search"

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Plus, T’Rul was played by played by Martha Hackett, who also played Seska on ST:Voyager. She’s a good actress. Of course, that would have meant that she would have been playing regular reoccurring roles on 2 different Star Trek shows at the same time.
Which may well have been a factor with why nothing was done with T'Rul. Since DS9 and Voyager were filming at the same time, it could have been quite difficult trying to accomdate the same actress with recurring roles on both shows. Seska was the one they had story material for, therefore that's the character they chose to develop.
Well, they didn't have much of a problem with Weyoun and Brunt, who even appeared in the same episode as I recall!
That's different. That's two characters in the same show, that's easier to work out. When the same actor/actress has a recurring role on two shows which are filming simultaneously, it gets a bit more difficult. What happens when they need to do a key scene with T'Rul on DS9 but can't because unplanned reshoots are being done on Voyager of equally important scenes involving Seska.

Stargate ran into just that very problem when an Atlantis character was to cameo on SG-1. But he was needed for unplanned reshoots on Atlantis requiring a change at the last minute on SG-1, the character became an unnamed nobody played by one of the producers. They got lucky that, but there's no guarantee you'd always be able to find such an easy get out of jail card.
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