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Re: Convention Circuit - Least Favorite Person Associated With Trek?

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(For anyone who hasn't attended) Chiller Theater Expo is an autograph and photo op event. There are no Q/A forums, or meet and greets. And Patrick and Daniel had a small private room for doing autographs and photo ops. I was the only one there at the time.
Could that be the reason for his attitude, that there wasn't anyone else there? Maybe he was suffering from neglect.
Frankly, I suspect he was curt with me because I didn't buy a photo op for $100 with him and his son.

I guess I should have begged his forgiveness because I couldn't afford his autograph and his son's (don't recall how much Daniel charged) along the photo.
You know, my friend Bill was at that Chiller and he said the same thing: no one around. At the time we thought maybe it was just the time of day he went there, but now I've heard "no one around" about that event from a dozen different people so... I guess it wasn't just a one-hour-off thing.

At things like Chiller, all the money comes from sales. There is not appearance fee like they get paid for conventions and stage talks. Those appearance fees, for someone like Stewart, are in the $50,000 range. Which means at an autograph only event, he's got to make that much just from autograph sales. Now when you're charging $60 a pop as he was at that event, it's going to deter some people, but it also means if you can manage to sell 1,000 autographs (not unreasonable) you'd end up making $60,000. If he wasn't getting people, he wasn't selling, which means he was sitting there not making any money.

That said, you'd think he'd be more appreciative of those who did buy.

I will say this about Chiller: I rarely see repeat guests. Not of the folks from Trek and BSG and such. The only repeat guests I ever see for them is the small-time B-movie horror actors. Anyone from Trek or BSG or other sci-fi, you see them do it once and then not again.

Now the one time I met Frakes, Spiner and Crosby, Denise had sold out of Tasha photos. I bought her very last one. So she clearly had to have been either doing good volume or under-stocked her own photos, not expecting to do so well. So I'd have expected to see her come back but, as I said: I've never seen any Trek or BSG or sci-fi actor do a repeat of that event.
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