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Re: Am I part Irish or not?

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My great grandfather came to Scotland from Ireland at the age of 14 in 1914. I'm proud I have Irish ancestry, but first and foremost I'm Scottish.
I'm always a bit amused and weirded out whenever someone says they're "proud" to be a certain nationality or ethnicity. To me, pride in something should always be linked to acheivement - you're proud of your own BA, say, or proud of your kids/loved ones and their accomplishments, or even good manners/conduct.

So to people who say they're "proud to be an American", I say, oh really, you've earned that? If you were born in a poor country, and studied and worked your butt off to become a doctor, and were then offered US citizenship as a result, then by all means, be "proud" to be an American. But the only thing I did to become an American was to be born, and that was really more the doctors' doing than mine. Am I happy to be an American, sure. Proud, no.
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