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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Why can't Jonathan Frakes just do the audio commentary over the phone? Maybe Frakes can record it himself at home while watching the episode and send the audio file to CBS?
At first I was going to say that in addition to controlling the audio quality they may have wanted him to record it with Echevarria and they didn't want two separate commentaries for "The Offspring." Then I remembered that they now have two for "Yesterday's Enterprise." I suppose they could've edited Frakes and Echevarria so that it sort of sounded like they recorded it together, but that always ends up sounding strange because there's no interaction between the commentators.

But you're right, there's no reason aside from audio quality that they couldn't have done it over Skype or FedExed the episode to him and had him record it himself.
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