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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Taking my own advice above, it looks like Lay and Burnett weren't able to schedule Jonathan Frakes for "The Offspring" commentary and it will only be the writer Rene Echevarria -- which is still cool and great to have... but it's too bad he couldn't make it given their schedule. Oh, well. Hopefully they can get him for "Reunion" or "The Drumhead" or him and Braga for "Cause and Effect."
In his Interview with Robert Lay, Jr. mentioned that they could get Frakes only for new Interviews while he was directing an episode of NCIS:

Roger Lay, Jr.: I'd love to do it. I was talking to Jonathan Frakes about maybe coming in and doing "The Offspring" he directed it, it was his first one but Jonathan directs like ten episodes a year of multiple shows, including NCIS and Leverage, so he was only going to be in town in October for a week because he was doing an episode of NCIS. We got him that week to do his next interview for the documentaries; a second interview. So we couldn't schedule "The Offspring". We're trying; we're really trying especially for the ones that are directors. I'd love to get LeVar in there at some point. It's definitely on my list, and I think that if you've seen what we've put out so far, you'll see that when we have an idea, we don't rest until we achieve that.
You know, I'd read that... but forgot the second part where Lay says quite definitively that they couldn't get Frakes for the commentary. Somehow I'd remembered it as they were still trying to get him and make it happen before release. Thanks for pointing that out to me -- I'm not sure why I was surprised when I saw it struck through in the list of features on TrekCore.

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