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Re: The original plan for Countdown

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Star Trek Online is easily the biggest new development in Trek apart from the Abrams movie. Criticizing it as doomed to fail (based on what evidence?)...
Pocket's novel line has endured since December 1979.

"Star Trek Online" is yet another licensed tie-in game, an evolution of similar of-their-time role playing games, such as "Star Fleet Battles" (only semi-licensed in the beginning), "Federation Commander", FASA, the various collectible card games, Interplay, Simon & Schuster Interactive, Last Unicorn Games, Decipher, etc. Each of those, and others, has peaked and fallen by the wayside, and a whole new version/interpretation conceived - and the gaming style reflecting the new status quo in the wider world - when a new company took over the gaming license or negotiated a new one.

The novels have a proven longevity. The games have seemingly not. Now, "ST Online" might emerge differently, but the gamers will certainly be ready to move on to something else one day, as they have with previous ST games.
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