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Re: old english accent was closer to American southern accent

Oh, it gets worse. The Author was Harry M. Caudill, who wrote "Night Comes to the Cumberlands" which inspired John F. Kennedy to spend millions in aid to Appalachia. He was also a UK professor, distinguished scholar, opposed strip mining, etc., one of the most famous advocates for the region.

Herald Leader story from 2012


Ultimately, although conditions in the mountains improved, the salvation Caudill wanted never materialized. The poor remained legion.

That embittered Caudill. He came to blame his neighbors for being hopeless, for having "weak genes." And that led him to draw up a sterilization scenario for Eastern Kentucky, working in secret with William Shockley, a notorious eugenicist of the era.

As Caudill told friends and strangers alike, with the fervor of the newly converted, dysgenics explained so much about Appalachia. Smart and ambitious people fled the mountains to pursue opportunity in cities. This "brain drain" left behind a stagnating population of dullards. Multiply that over several generations — especially as relatives intermarry and introduce chromosomal abnormalities — and you've ruined the gene pool just as surely as strip mining poisons the drinking water, he said.


Back home, Caudill complained about "the trash element," his son Harry Frye Caudill said in a 1998 oral-history interview. The elder Caudill jauntily told reporters that the best federal anti-poverty program for Eastern Kentucky would be an Army base that could bring in outside sperm.
And on and on and on. There's lots of discusson in the article's comments.

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