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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x07 "Unnatural Selection"

My thoughts:

- The destruction of the Lantree was a fine sequence.

- It was fitting that Dr. Kingsley was annoyingly arrogant. Picard should have ordered Data to smack her.

- The method of saving Pulaski was on first viewing immediately obvious to me as essentially the same method used to save the main characters in TAS: The Lorelei Signal, and for the same reason. The irony was therefore that TNG was still striving to surpass both TOS and TAS, at this point in its run.

- Nevertheless, Unnatural Selection was a definite step up from the last episode, and a welcome indication that the show was, overall, improving.

- Fans (especially, it seems, those preferring DS9) like to say that TNG had no character arcs whatsoever, but this episode depicted a transformation in the relationship between Pulaski and Data.
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