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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

I thought it was a good effort on the part of the writers to answer a question that may have been raised by the episode "Clear", why wasn't Rick's party not intercepted by the Woodbury Militia? According to the new episode, the militia was monitoring the prison, and reported what they saw to the Governor. However, this raises another question, how do they know what was being carried in the car? It could have been anything. If I was Rick, I would be suspicious that the Governor could specifically identified what was being carried, and began to ask, is there a mole in my group?

Did they - the writers - confuse the geography in this episode, or did I misremember what I heard? From one episode, where Tyrese's group finds shelter in Woodbury, I remember hearing that the area north of this town was overrun by dangerous humans. Tyrese said he had come from that there, implying that the prison was north of the town. Then in this episode, I learned that the prison is to the west of a river and the town is to the east of a river. Maybe I heard wrongly.
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