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Re: old english accent was closer to American southern accent

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Yes, I know Classical Latin didn't sound Italian, but it sounded far more Italian than English.
For what I understand, Classical Latin should have sounded like a mix between Italian and German: lots of hard consonant, intermixed with long, open vowels.
I thought the voice actor for Augustus Caesar in Civilization 5 did a good job. Probably not a flawless one, but it still gives a good idea.

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I thought Ulster Scots was generally reckoned to be the closest as a lot of them settled in what were to become the southern states.
Close. They helped form the Appalachian accent, but not all southern accents.

I thought that American English spelling was largely down to Noah Webster, although he might well have revived older variants.
This is true. He fought in the American Revolution and viewed it as his patriotic duty to say "fuck those British spellings."

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The accent, like most other American accents, are fading thanks to 60 years of television.
You would think that, but it turns out that this isn't true. Certainly some are dying out. New England accents, for example, isn't being used by people being born today. But the New York accent is going strong. Recently, they discovered a Seattle accent, which wasn't thought to exist 30 years ago.

ETA: This is also relevant. We have a decent idea what Richard III's accent was, which was about 100 years before Elizabeth.

Link with audio file

Also might be interesting is this: Link

Essentially, it's an attempt to recreate how Shakespeare would have been pronounced at the time by taking Midsummer Night's Dream, which has a lot of words that are supposed to rhyme, but don't today.
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